Graduation Night

I was the first one at the Moonee Valley Legend. I knew that that meant I was the legend. I walked in and sat down onto a seat to feel the comfy feeling on my back and butt. I was relaxing and enjoying the moment when I suddenly saw a horde of students, loudly barking to each other  yet trying to remain formal in there cloths. Everyone was now on their chairs, we all knew once the food came it was time to PARTY!

While we were eating formally, we were yelling across the table quite UN-formally but we still had fun. Most of the jokes where pretty bad but they made us laugh for no reason. One of the jokes was when we got our food Ben yelled out” You just got served!” It was funny for me but I think got pretty old when Ben said it more than five times.

We walked out of the restaurant and gathered up to walk to the school where we graduate, once we got there most of the people where pretty nervous to walk up to stage but I wasn’t that scared of getting up on stage. WE walked into the graduation area and walked to our chairs. We listened to the speeches and laughed t the interviews, it finally came to the surprise ending the parents had no idea about.

We did a dance and made our audience applaud like crazy. I thought that the night went really well.

100WC week 14… and then the noise stop…

And then the noise stopped… it made me curious why then large noises my little brother was making, he was crying and stomping before… I look out and see if anything is unusual, I creep to the silence and open the creaking door. I look around and no one was there… I moved back to the wall scared but curious to find my little mayhem. Suddenly a large shadow ran behind me, I jumped in surprise and looked behind myself but there was no one to be found, I look back to my front to find the little mischief of a brother in front of me.

Literature Circles.

This book is good because it keeps you interested by making you question this book until the end.

This book could be better if the author described more about Rhody’s feelings and why he didn’t take a chill pill.

The author want you to know that whatever happens in life you always have family.

I think the writer wrote this book because she wanted to write a book from a kids point of view.

You need to understand the family tree otherwise you will not enjoy this book.


…Remembering…100WC: Week#11

I forgot. That’s all that happened, I forgot, I forgot where I was and what my name was. I didn’t even know what my name was, I tried to remember but all I could remember was that I was in a mysterious grassy plane in the middle of nowhere. I walked on and on to see if I will ever find someone. Alone and lonely, will I survive? I forgot what my meaning is, is it to survive or is it to be sane for now. It doesn’t matter now because I am just living for eternity.

A Letter in a Bottle 100WC: Week #12

I would like to say to all children suffering from poverty and poorness to keep on fighting to the end and not give up. I hope others get this message because we need as much help to spread this across the world,if this could be done more people will understand how much some people need help in this world and you can change the world. If everyone got this it will be a major achievement for the world and lots of kids in the world will be saved from poverty and such. Please spread the word and help.

How to eat a Hamburger!

This is an instructional text for how to eat a hamburger.







.Digestive System


1. Insert part of the hamburger into mouth

2. Chew hamburger with teeth

3. Use saliva to soften hamburger

4. Swallow hamburger with tongue

5. Digest hamburger with digestive system

6. Let hamburger fall out of anus

7. Repeat from 1-6 until hamburger


. If the hamburger gets cold, heat hamburger with microwave.




Just clarifying but do any of you guys know if 1:2 is 1/3 or 1/2, just asking because in all of my text books it refers to being 1/2, I also checked it out with mum and dad and they think it’s 1/2 too! Please tell me cos it will make my knowledge about converting mathematical things !


AWESOMENESSThis is the bar graph I made to show how what traits my class had

How to make a Graph on windows excel.

What you need:

Windows 7 computer or any higher generation.


1. open up windows excel

2.type up all information on to windows excel(drag the letters if you need to make the boxes bigger for some text)

3.Save and print for future uses


How to View a Fingerprint Using a Microscope.

This procedural text is a guide to show you how to examine fingerprints.



.Fingerprint sample

.A lot of fun


. Plug in Microsoft plug.

.Turn light on for the microscope.

. Put clear fingerprint sample under the scope on the stage.

. Fasten sample with microscope holder.

. Examine through scope.


.If the stage is too dark to see the print turn the light knob.

6 Steps to get a Basketball into the hoop!

1: Get your body in a ready positions then move your feet so they are parallel to the hoop.

2: Once you have relaxed your body hold the ball in your hands.

3: The basketball should be very still in your hands (if not get a better ball that’s smaller or bigger for your hands).

4: Once you and your ball are ready for the shoot move your right hand under the ball and move your left hand to the left of the ball to balance (do the opposite if you are left handed).

5 Bend your legs and then spring your legs up while pushing the ball up with your right hand. Balance the ball with your other hand. Get the aim right and the power right to get the Ball in.

6: If the ball has not fallen in start again from step 1-5, remember to practice and practice!


1: Never give up; being persistent and keeping on trying is a key to getting the ball in the hoop.

2: Be optimistic; never have a temper tantrum because you had no got the ball in, it always helps to sharpen your skill for the next game!